Writing, editing and consultancy

I spe­cial­ise in writ­ing, edit­ing and con­sultancy for organ­isa­tions which want to com­mu­nic­ate clearly and effect­ively with their ser­vice users, com­mis­sion­ers, fun­ders or any­one else!

I’ve been in busi­ness for over 18 years, with a strong track record in equal­it­ies, social justice and viol­ence against women. I can work with your design­ers, web people and print­ers or sup­ply you with a pro­ject team.

This is what I’m good at:

  • Pro­ject man­age­ment from concept through to final proof­ing, design and publishing
  • Work­ing closely with you to ensure that what I do is what you need
  • Research­ing, ana­lys­ing and eval­u­at­ing information
  • Edit­ing, devel­op­ing and writ­ing con­tent for print and web in clear English
  • Explain­ing inform­a­tion clearly, dir­ectly and without jargon
  • Ensur­ing your organisation’s ‘voice’ and ethos come through clearly
  • Writ­ing lucidly to inspire the reader’s con­fid­ence in your organ­isa­tion and what you are saying
  • Work­ing sens­it­ively with ser­vice users (who may be vulnerable)
  • Pay­ing atten­tion to detail, qual­ity and dead­lines from start to finish