Most of my cli­ents are pub­lic bod­ies, char­it­ies and social enter­prises. For example:

Scottish Government

I work with the Gender Equal­ity and Viol­ence Against Women Team, writ­ing its monthly train­ing and inform­a­tion bul­let­in on viol­ence against women. Oth­er examples are ‘Respond­ing to Forced Mar­riage: multi-agency prac­tice guidelines’. This involved re-writ­ing UK guid­ance to sup­port the Forced Mar­riage (Scot­land) Act 2011. I had to make sure the guid­ance was rel­ev­ant to Scot­land, help­ful for prac­ti­tion­ers and pub­lished the day the Act came into force.  You can view PDF files for the guid­ance here and the sum­mary here and guid­ance for soli­cit­ors here. Oth­er pub­lic­a­tions include: guid­ance for health work­ers on respond­ing to abuse; and an inform­a­tion pack for vic­tims of rape and sexu­al assault (now in its second edi­tion). As part of the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment’s con­sulta­tion pro­cess for its viol­ence against women and girls strategy, Equally Safe, I ran a focus group and con­duc­ted tele­phone inter­views with women liv­ing in the Scot­tish Bor­ders. I also ana­lysed and repor­ted the find­ings from oth­er con­sulta­tions which took place across Scot­land.

Parenting across Scotland (PAS)

PAS is a part­ner­ship of  char­it­ies work­ing togeth­er on par­ent­ing issues. I write and edit its quarterly e‑newsletter for prac­ti­tion­ers. This includes writ­ing ‘taster’ text and oth­er news snip­pets and edit­ing art­icles for the web­site. You can view the e‑newsletters here. I also edited a col­lec­tion of essays on par­ent­ing; com­piled the accom­pa­ny­ing sum­mary (PDF); wrote the PAS work report for fun­ders (PDF) and a prac­tice note to help organ­isa­tions pro­duce good inform­a­tion for par­ents. PAS organ­ises reg­u­lar con­fer­ences and events.  See my write up of the PAS 2015 con­fer­ence: cre­at­ing lov­ing rela­tion­ships.

Blake Stevenson Ltd

I’m an asso­ci­ate seni­or con­sult­ant with social research­ers Blake Steven­son.  For example, I was on the pro­ject team for a scop­ing study into the dual issues of domest­ic abuse and sub­stance use for NHS Lanark­shire. The aim was to estab­lish the char­ac­ter­ist­ics of a good ser­vice, look­ing at path­ways, bar­ri­ers and ser­vice over­laps. The study involved a lit­er­at­ure review; an online sur­vey; tele­phone inter­views with man­agers; a work­shop for prac­ti­tion­ers; and a report. You can view the scop­ing study here. Fol­low­ing on from this work, the Lanark­shire Alco­hol and Drug Part­ner­ship com­mis­sioned me to write a domest­ic abuse resource for prac­ti­tion­ers and posters for ser­vice users.

Legal Services Agency (LSA)

LSA is a char­it­able law centre work­ing with home­less people, refugees and asylum seekers. It pub­lishes vari­ous leaf­lets to help people pro­tect their rights, for example to hous­ing or crim­in­al injur­ies com­pens­a­tion. I have edited vari­ous leaf­lets using plain writ­ing tech­niques, for example on powers of attor­ney, home­less­ness rights, and pre­vent­ing evic­tion for rent arrears.  I also run clear writ­ing train­ing work­shops for train­ees and newly-qual­i­fied law­yers as part of the LSA sem­in­ar pro­gramme.

Rape Crisis Scotland

I’ve worked closely with RCS for sev­er­al years. This included con­duct­ing the ori­gin­al feas­ib­il­ity study for its highly-regarded nation­al helpline, which led to Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment fund­ing.  I researched and wrote a leaf­let for people who have been raped or sexu­ally assaul­ted while abroad (PDF); and researched the sup­port needs of sur­viv­ors of sexu­al viol­ence (PDF).  This last involved phone and face-to-face dis­cus­sions with sur­viv­ors.  I have also writ­ten 12 leaf­lets to help sur­viv­ors cope with effects such as flash­backs and dis­so­ci­ation (PDFs); inform­a­tion about sexu­al viol­ence and har­ass­ment in the work­place (PDF);  and inform­a­tion to sup­port for LGBTI sur­viv­ors of sexu­al viol­ence (PDF).


I am impressed by Vis­ib­il­ity’s pion­eer­ing approach to sup­port­ing people with sight loss. For its Souven­ir Review (PDF) it let me loose in the archives to come up with a doc­u­ment cel­eb­rat­ing its 150 years. I’ve writ­ten a series of large print leaf­lets on dif­fer­ent forms of sight loss for fam­il­ies of people who have been dia­gnosed with an eye con­di­tion. These aim to be inform­at­ive without being fright­en­ing and sug­gest how fam­il­ies can help. Quite a task in large type on two A5 pages! Here is the leaf­let about Glauc­oma for example. I also worked on an excit­ing her­it­age pro­ject, inter­view­ing ser­vice users and writ­ing con­tent for a digit­al archive. This job even involved a boat trip.

Other clients and projects

Very var­ied!  Some (mostly) recent examples are: