Most of my clients are public bodies, charities and social enterprises. For example:

Scottish Government

I work with the Gender Equality and Violence Against Women Team, writing its monthly training and information bulletin on violence against women. Other examples are ‘Responding to Forced Marriage: multi-agency practice guidelines’. This involved re-writing UK guidance to support the Forced Marriage (Scotland) Act 2011. I had to make sure the guidance was relevant to Scotland, helpful for practitioners and published the day the Act came into force.  You can view PDF files for the guidance here and the summary here and guidance for solicitors here. Other publications include: guidance for health workers on responding to abuse; and an information pack for victims of rape and sexual assault (now in its second edition). As part of the Scottish Government’s consultation process for its violence against women and girls strategy, Equally Safe, I ran a focus group and conducted telephone interviews with women living in the Scottish Borders. I also analysed and reported the findings from other consultations which took place across Scotland.

Parenting across Scotland (PAS)

PAS is a partnership of  charities working together on parenting issues. I write and edit its quarterly e-newsletter for practitioners. This includes writing ‘taster’ text and other news snippets and editing articles for the website. You can view the e-newsletters here. I also edited a collection of essays on parenting; compiled the accompanying summary (PDF); wrote the PAS work report for funders (PDF) and a practice note to help organisations produce good information for parents. PAS organises regular conferences and events.  See my write up of the PAS 2015 conference: creating loving relationships.

Blake Stevenson Ltd

I’m an associate senior consultant with social researchers Blake Stevenson.  For example, I was on the project team for a scoping study into the dual issues of domestic abuse and substance use for NHS Lanarkshire. The aim was to establish the characteristics of a good service, looking at pathways, barriers and service overlaps. The study involved a literature review; an online survey; telephone interviews with managers; a workshop for practitioners; and a report. You can view the scoping study here. Following on from this work, the Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership commissioned me to write a domestic abuse resource for practitioners and posters for service users.

Legal Services Agency (LSA)

LSA is a charitable law centre working with homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers. It publishes various leaflets to help people protect their rights, for example to housing or criminal injuries compensation. I have edited various leaflets using plain writing techniques, for example on powers of attorney, homelessness rights, and preventing eviction for rent arrears.  I also run clear writing training workshops for trainees and newly-qualified lawyers as part of the LSA seminar programme.

Rape Crisis Scotland

I’ve worked closely with RCS for several years. This included conducting the original feasibility study for its highly-regarded national helpline, which led to Scottish Government funding.  I researched and wrote a leaflet for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted while abroad (PDF); and researched the support needs of survivors of sexual violence (PDF).  This last involved phone and face-to-face discussions with survivors.  I have also written 12 leaflets to help survivors cope with effects such as flashbacks and dissociation (PDFs); information about sexual violence and harassment in the workplace (PDF);  and information to support for LGBTI survivors of sexual violence (PDF).


I am impressed by Visibility’s pioneering approach to supporting people with sight loss. For its Souvenir Review (PDF) it let me loose in the archives to come up with a document celebrating its 150 years. I’ve written a series of large print leaflets on different forms of sight loss for families of people who have been diagnosed with an eye condition. These aim to be informative without being frightening and suggest how families can help. Quite a task in large type on two A5 pages! Here is the leaflet about Glaucoma for example. I also worked on an exciting heritage project, interviewing service users and writing content for a digital archive. This job even involved a boat trip.

Other clients and projects

Very varied!  Some (mostly) recent examples are: